Solicitors and executors

Professional firms dealing with probate

Estate agents acting on behalf of home owners, property management companies, and professional clients (namely solicitors, banks, and mortgage companies)

Landlords and tenants

Housing Associations


Land estates

Shop Stock Surplus & Waste

Cleaning contractors acting on behalf of social services



Waste Disposal

Gardens Cleared, Houshold Appliance Disposal and Recycling, Scrap Vehicle Disposal, Disposal and Recycling of Waste Metal,



Office Clearance

Need an office cleared?  We can do that for you. 

To find out more information on how we can help you dispose of your unwanted office furniture, machinery, equipment or stock.


Property Clearance

When you have a property that has been left in an uncleared state ie. the Tenant has done a moonlight flit, we can enter the property to remove all goods not pertainng to fixtures of such.  Under the instruction of the Landlord, such property can then be placed into storage or be disposed of in a manner that befits


Property Furnishing

For Estate Agents and Landlords, not only can we clear a property, we can also outfit a property to your requirements. If you have a 'wish list' of items tell us what you need (from cookers to coffee tables) and what budget you have to spend on these items, we will search for the items, and within as short a time as possible we could get those items in there for you.


Redundant Asset Disposal

Whilst we understand that not all assets are liquid and a company cannot releive itself of those that are not, we have realized the need for our Asset Dosposal Services for those assets that can be disposed of.  We do also understand that larger companies inparticular have unused assets require that require storage and storage costs money.  We at Allsorts can take on that burden for you.  We can dispose of redundant assets of many types including but not limited to: Safes, Office Machinery, Office Furniture, Computer Equipment etc.   All this can be done in a data secure and legal manner, allowing you to free up your storage space.




Computer Equipment Decomissioning with Data Distruction 

Other services available and other clearances considered.

We specialise in house clearance

In conjunction with Solicitors, Estate Agents, Local Authorities we can offer you a fast service together with discounts

We offer a prompt and reliable service and deal confidentially and sympathetically with your individual requirements.




Competitively Priced

Our rates are priced low but we do not compromise on the quality of service we offer. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and leave the job to the experts.